Vehicle Finance

Fuel your fleet capabilities with vehicle finance as unique as your needs

Lease that crucial commercial car, van or vehicle. Flexible hire contracts get you the fleet capabilities you need without hampering business cash flow. Goldstream Capital Loan helps you seize greater on-road reach without locking capital into depreciating assets. Our leading networks have a diverse lending appetite. So car and fleet leasing or hire contracts are a cinch. Meanwhile our flexible solutions, absolute market independence and individualised service fast-track satisfaction of your fleet needs. So you can accelerate business without hefty financial obligations stalling your progress.

True vehicle finance can be sized to fit your needs. Goldstream Capital Loan drives award-winning solutions for single vehicle or fleet acquisition. Trust our specialist brokers to keep your business on the road. With agile car, van or vehicle finance including:

  • Construction Finance
  • Commercial Finance
  • Residential Investment

  • Liquidise capital: lease or hire cars, vans and other vehicles

    Business capital demands careful investment. Vehicles mobilise your commercial capabilities yet remain among the top business expenses. Whether you have niche vehicular needs or simply require a car or van to get on with business. Goldstream Capital Loan protects your cash position, productivity and performance with flexible leasing solutions offering:

  • Full vehicle use and ownership benefits
  • Affordable monthly hire payments to eliminate sizeable upfront cash outlay
  • Options to take ownership, trade-in or refinance your vehicle upon lease expiry

  • Hire Goldstream Capital Loan for premium car, van and vehicle leasing

    Goldstream Capital Loan helps you secure your vehicle in the most expeditious and cost efficient manner.

  • Fixed rates and hire or lease costs for upfront cost transparency
  • No depreciation exposure due to car or van hire/lease arrangements
  • Flexible leasing or hire terms to suit your business goals and circumstances
  • Competitive interest rates to keep costs down
  • Tax advantages like GST, lease and hire deductions

  • When fleet finance requirements roll around depend on Goldstream Capital Loan for award-winning lending and lease solutions. So you can hire that crucial car, van or vehicle with no fuss and no cash compromise.

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