Boat Finance

Boat loans anchor your nautical business endeavours in commercial and financial viability

Boat loans float your nautical commercial goals, fast. Goldstream Capital Loan expertly places you at the helm of individualised boat finance. With a full range of watertight boat insurance solutions to keep you sailing on safe waters. Our boat finance specialists swiftly pair your commercial needs with premium boat loan terms. Hand-sourced from our quality lender networks. So you can captain your own vessel quickly and easily, without being sunk by sizeable upfront capital outlay. Commercial boat loans approved online within minutes. Plus expert boat finance brokers on deck navigating you directly to the most compatible funding. Goldstream Capital Loan fast-tracks business boat endeavours. Use our online commercial boat loan application right now for cash buyer bargaining power. When you want competitive boat loans approved fast, speak to Goldstream Capital Loan first.

Boat finance anchored in experience

Most commercial boat loans appear similar on the surface. But when viewed in-depth terms and conditions vary greatly between lenders. Goldstream Capital Loan works with an extensive network of trusted lenders. While keeping absolute professional independence. So we secure the most cost-effective compatible boat finance for you. Whether you’re best-suited to:

  • Chattel mortgage
  • Commercial hire purchase
  • Boat lease
  • Private or dealership boat loans

  • We believe in ‘big picture’ boat finance. So we look beyond attractive interest rates to minimise additional associated costs. Like loan establishment and termination fees, even penalties. Meaning your commercial boat is floated by fine-tuned finance.

    Commercial boat loans finance your freedom

    Owning or leasing a boat can be a financially lucrative commercial endeavour. Especially as Goldstream Capital Loan hands you:

  • Competitive commercial boat loan rates from 6.99%*
  • No monthly fees or extra repayment penalties
  • Fixed rates and repayments to eliminate surprise expenses
  • Flexibility to purchase a new or used  vessel
  • Options to take 100 per cent boat finance or make a deposit
  • Tailor loan terms up to 5 years to match your cash flow
  • Balloon option to lower boat loan repayments

  • Goldstream Capital Loan even offers a full raft of boat insurance options to keep your financial security afloat. Protecting you against loss or damage caused to or by your vessel. Speak to our boat finance experts today.

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